CASUALTY: Crazy and Homeless in New York City

Author Maxfield Harding is a gifted and generous writer. He has generously invited us in to experience through his words a look at the world of someone diagnosed with the mental disorder schizophrenia. He takes us on an interesting and eye opening journey. Sharing via his daily rituals the nuances of what it means to have this mental disorder schizophrenia. CASUALTY clears up the many misconceptions of what schizophrenia is, and how those diagnosed can live fulfilling lives.

CASUALTY is an excellent book for persons working in the fields of Psychology, Social Justice, and Sociology. Laypersons with an interest in this subject will appreciate it as well. I recommend this book for persons teaching for use as a class textbook, counseling and for use in social service and law enforcement agencies. I believe CASUALTY will change how those diagnosed with this mental disorder are thought of and served.

To read an excerpt of CASUALTY go to Writing for Peace at CASUALTY can be purchased at

©Lorraine Currelley 2014. All Rights Reserved.

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